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Randy is the Horror Movies know-all, who let us know 'The Rules' to surviving a horror movie, the self-proclaimed 'unrequited love slave of Sidney Prescott,' and loyal friend in the Scream Trilogy.

Online since: March 20, 2008
Last updated: 23rd October 2021
Member count: 107, from 23 countries
Pending members: 0
Newest members: Sara, Randy, and Kristin

This is an interesting fact, though if you haven't seen "Scream 2" yet, you may not wish to read this, as it contains an important spoiler. Randy was originally meant to have survived his stabbing in "Scream 2". His family had whisked him away to anonymity to help him recover and keep him safe. This was ultimately deemed to be too far-fetched so Randy was resurrected via a post-mortem video appearance instead.

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