Below you will find an alternate version of the rooftop battle scene from Full Thottle, as it was written in the original movie script. This excerpt was contributed by Dylan.


Alex swings into the metal scaffolding of the neon "ANGELS" sign. She uses the iron scaffolding like an Olympic gymnast, twisting and turning around the hail of bullets, protecting Max.

While she's fighting multiple opponents, the biggest and baddest is still Seamus's henchman, Ox. He's keeping her so busy, she doesn't see that...

ONE GOON has Max cornered, nowhere to run. He gives an ugly smile, then freezes. A half-beat. And...

He falls face-first, a blade in his back. As he drops out of frame, we see...


Cool as can be. He exhales the last of his cigarettes. The smoke snakes wickedly across his face. He flicks the butt off the roof.

Meanwhile, Dylan dangles by her fingertips, losing her grip. Seamus jumps onto the "E," which SHAKES.

He leans down to her. Something about looking into the desperate face of the woman he once loved seems to soften him.

SEAMUS (almost a whisper) "Take my hand, and we'll make it I swear. . ."

Dylan half-smiles. Could he still have some last ounce of compassion?

The answer is no. With his boot, he starts SMASHING her fingers. Suddenly, a shadow swoops over his head. He looks up to see the son of Romanian circus performers flying at him, a kick that knocks him back onto the roof.

The Thin Man lands on the "E." Pulls an astonished Dylan up.

DYLAN, THE THIN MAN AND SEAMUS fight near the neon-streaked "E."

With the history between them, Dylan and the Thin Man anticipate each other's moves -- at times, it seems more like dancing than combat. One leads, one follows.

WHAM! BAM! But Seamus barely registers the impact. A lifetime of street-fights and prison-brawls have hardened him.

He pounds back, swinging an iron bar like a sword. He lands one lucky blow to the Thin Man, stunning him, then kicks him back to the far roof. The Thin Man LANDS HARD. Knocked out.

Seamus turns to Dylan. He cracks a bloody smile. Ravenous.

SEAMUS: Finally, some quality time alone.

Dylan holds her ground. Ready for some one-on-one.

DYLAN gets some good punches in on Seamus. But he head-butts her hard, knocking her back. She SLAMS to the "E," face up. She quickly raises her legs, a la first "Charlie's Angels."

DYLAN: Wait, wait, wait!

Seamus eyes her, gets in close. And SOCKS HER in the jaw.


She rolls back. Seamus stands over her. He kicks her in the ribs.

SEAMUS: Helen, Helen. Still the cheap little devil you always were.

DYLAN: I'm an Angel.

SEAMUS: Then let's see yer wings.

He reels back and kicks down with all his might. But Dylan makes a brilliant move: she DODGES the kick, rolling backward. Seamus's momentum carries him forward.

DYLAN: Let's see YOURS.

Seamus falls off the "E," plummeting 100 feet. THUMP! He lands on his back, breaking every bone in his body. But he's still twitching.

Dylan slowly stands. Feels someone right behind her. She spins, swinging her fists, to see...

THE THIN MAN. He grabs her fists. Pulls her close. An adrenalized beat. And they slam into a passionate kiss.

Dylan regains some control. She pulls back.

DYLAN: Who are you? An orphan who helps nuns, or a psycho who kills people for money?

He just smiles. Even if he talked, he couldn't really answer.

DYLAN: Why can't you be just one thing? Then I'd know what to do with you.

The Thin Man moves to kiss her again when we hear CRRRRRRCK. The "E" cracks. Dylan and the THIN MAN leap off, in opposite directions, landing on separate rooftops, as...

The huge neon "E" falls directly on Seamus, exploding with a shower of sparks.

With the gap between them, the Thin Man has an easy getaway.

DYLAN: You're lucky I have a thing for bad guys.

The Thin Man just smiles, then disappears into the night.