The assignments listed below are in chronological order, and cover both films.

Eric Knox: Kidnapped by The Thin Man. Coincidentally, The Thin Man was employed by Eric Knox & Vivian Wood at the time of the abduction. Eric Knox is no longer among the living though, surprisingly, not due to The Thin Man.

Alex Munday, Natalie Cook & Dylan Sanders: Attacked by The Thin Man, in numerous ways, at various locations. Dylan and Alex have also been relieved of some of their hair at the hands of The Thin Man. The Angels are all alive and well, and hopefully working on a new case soon.

Roger Corwin: Assassinated by The Thin Man with one quick move of his sword.

Randy Emmers: Assassinated by The Thin Man with a very cleverly delivered knife to the heart. Though it was not made entirely clear in the film, this assassination was not business, but personal. Randy Emmers was an assassin, employed by former Angel, Madison Lee.

Seamus O'Grady: Kicked off a rooftop by The Thin Man, while attempting to kill Dylan Sanders. Moments later, Seamus reappeared, stabbing The Thin Man with his own sword. Seamus then resumed his attempt on Dylan's life, eventually falling off the rooftop again, this time due to Dylan.

The Unrated Version DVD of Full Throttle goes a step further, by showing that Seamus' last trip off the roof lands him right on top of The Thin Man, skewered by the sword as well. Seamus can be seen moving in what is presumably an attempt to free himself, just as a large part of the lighted sign from the building is about to fall directly onto him. As the sign is falling, The Thin Man can be seen holding Seamus down, ensuring that he meets with the full impact of the sign.