The Thin Man made his first appearance in the 2000 release, Charlie's Angels. At first glance, he's seen as a villain, caught on a surveillance tape, kidnapping Eric Knox, the man that the Angels have just been hired to find. The tape offers only a fleeting and blurry glimpse of the crime, but once the Angels clean up the image, their suspect comes into view. This is when he is given the title, Creepy Thin Man, by Alex Munday.

The Thin Man is next seen at a party given by Roger Corwin, a business rival of Eric Knox. Once spotted by the Angels, he makes a hasty exit, though it should be noted that he lingers long enough to retrieve his cane, and also long enough to be certain that he'll be followed.

With the Angels in pursuit, The Thin Man exits the building and leads them down an alley, where their first battle takes place. Seemingly cornered by a locked gate, he produces a gun and opens fire on the girls. This holds them off, but only as long as the bullets last. Finding his ammunition at its end, he tosses the gun, takes his cane in both hands and cartwheels through the small space between the two sides of the gate, where they're joined together by chain and lock. Of course, the Angels follow, using slightly less impressive means to hurdle the gate, thinking that they have him trapped on the other side.

At this point we get a first look at The Thin Man's signature weapon, a razor sharp sword, hidden in the shaft of his cane, which we will later see him wield with such accuracy and precision, that it will make it obvious that his intent in this initial fight with the Angels was not to kill, but to lead or mislead, depending upon ones point of view. It should also be noted that The Thin Man may own more than one of these weapons, since he is seen throwing the sword aside, just before he runs, when the fight is at its finish. The Angels follow, once again, and while The Thin Man appears to have mysteriously vanished, he also seems to have lead them to their objective.

This encounter with the Angels also offers a first look at The Thin Man's hair fetish. During the fight, Dylan Sanders jumps on his back and wraps her arms around his neck, in an attempt to stop him. The Thin Man slams her into a wall, pinning her with his body just long enough to reach back and rip out a lock of her hair. As she falls to the ground, he brings the hair to his face, closing his eyes and very obviously enjoying the aroma of her hair, and perhaps even finding pleasure in the feel of it against his skin.