Throughout the course of the two Charlie's Angels films, The Thin Man has had several encounters with the Angels. In the first movie, the relationship between them seemed to be nothing more than one that would be expected between a villain and the good guys (or girls). While it was evident that he harbored more than a passing fascination with their hair, little more was revealed about his interest in them, or one of them in particular, beyond what he was being paid for. Of course, in hindsight, there were subtle little clues, but none of these would be brought to light until the release of the second film.

Full Throttle gave a slightly different perspective on The Thin Man than the first film did, leaving everyone wondering if he was, in fact, a villain, or simply a deadly mystery whose motives and intentions remain unclear. We do learn, however, that even a highly skilled assassin has a weakness or two. While the hair fetish was a given, The Thin Man seems to have developed a similar soft spot for Dylan Sanders; the "Wild Angel," and the one with a habit of falling for the bad guy.

Luckily for The Thin Man, Dylan seems to share his newfound fascination, regardless of whether he's the bad guy or not. This much is obvious in one particular scene, in which he saves her life, rescuing her from either falling to her death or being murdered by a man from her past. Away from danger and in his arms, she does seem to be frightened by him at first, but that fear doesn't last long, or is quickly over-ridden by other emotions, when Dylan pulls him closer and kisses him.

Of course, some things never change. While this moment between them is something not likely to be forgotten by either of them, The Thin Man can't help but to indulge his long-standing fixation (especially with the opportunity right at his fingertips), using the distraction of the moment to help himself to a rather large chunk of Dylan's hair.