Welcome to Deadly Elegance, a fansite dedicated to the ultra-cool, hair-sniffing, chain-smoking, sword-wielding, silent assassin from the Charlie's Angels movie series - The Thin Man. The character, The Thin Man, is played by Crispin Glover, and has been featured in both Charlie's Angels films.

In addition, this site also leads to the Thin Man Fanlisting. All Thin Man fans are invited to join.

This site is run by Anthony, and will be added to as time and inspiration permit. If there is anything you'd like to see here, just fill out the contact form and let me know. Contributions are also welcome, and can be sent to me through e-mail.

I've also decided to add a new feature. Updates will be listed below each time any changes are made to the site. The updates are for the website in general. The most recent update for the Fanlisting is on the Fanlisting page located here.

  July 26, 2007
An update has been made in the links section.

  September 25, 2006
Some edits and updates have been made to the Joined page, and an addition has been made to the owned page.

  May 11, 2006
The Thin Man Petition has a new address. Please go here to sign your name and show your support for Thin Man's return.

  January 25, 2006
A few edits and clarifications were made, as well as a correction to a category title on the Joined page.

  November 16, 2005
A new section has been added for submitted contributions. This section will include wallpapers, icons, and anything else that might be donated to the site. The first submission has been uploaded into the new section, under wallpapers. A new section has also been added under Fanlistings, for owned fanlistings.

  June 16, 2005
An update has been made in the links section, with more to come.

  May 19, 2005
Better late than never. The next poll has been uploaded. The final poll will be added, as soon as I get a chance to do so.

  May 13, 2005
I have been approved to run the Fanlisting for Thin Man, and if you would like to join as a member, you can do that here. The other two polls should be added by the end of the weekend.

  May 12, 2005
A poll has been added, so be sure to stop by the Polls section and cast your vote. Two more polls will be added soon.

  May 7, 2005
More has been added to the Trivia section. I've also started working on more icons and will get them uploaded as soon as they're ready.

  May 1, 2005
The Assignments section is complete. I'm still working on updates for other sections of the site, which I plan to upload over the next few days.

  April 29, 2005
More updates have been made to the Trivia and Links sections.

  April 28, 2005
The Trivia section and the Links section have been updated.

  April 27, 2005
Two new quizzes have been added to the Games section. More Trivia will be added soon.

  April 25, 2005
This update comes a couple days later than I had planned. The Distraction page is uploaded and two new sections were added, Trivia and Games.

  April 22, 2005
The Gallery has been completed, and a little more has been written for the Bio page, which will be updated tomorrow. I'd like to get a little more written before adding it to the site.

  April 21, 2005
More images have been added to the Gallery, and it should be complete soon, which will give me more time to dedicate to the other areas that are still being reworked.

  April 20, 2005
A good portion of the Gallery has been put up, and although I had planned on writing some more for the Bio page, that's going to have to wait a little bit, because I'm beat and need to get to bed. I hope you enjoy what's been put up so far.

  April 18, 2005
The Icons section is ready, but more will be added there soon. The Gallery should be ready tomorrow, but even that won't have all of the images up at once. Give me a few days and most of it should be there.

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This is an unofficial website for the character The Thin Man. I don't know Crispin Glover, and I don't know how to get in contact with him. This is just a site made by a fan, for the fans.