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The Thin Man doesn't say a word throughout the entire [Charlie's Angels 2000] film.

The Thin Man, played by Crispin Glover, originally had a speaking role, but Glover didn't like the lines, so he asked for them to be removed. The director and producer agreed to make it a non-speaking role to give the character a more mysterious feel.

In Scary Movie 2 (2001), Chris Elliott spoofs The Thin Man, Glover's character in Charlie's Angels (2000) and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003).



During the first 'Thin Man' fight scene with the girls, there is an aerial shot of the Thin Man as he jumps in the air. The back harness of the wires is visible. Actually, what is seen at this point is the satin lining of The Thin Man's coat, which is exposed as he flips over.

When the Angels are chasing Creepy Thin Man down the alley, he turns and fires approximately 20 shots at them without reloading. The luger pistol has an 8 shot magazine.

When the Creepy Thin Man's shooting at the Angels, Alex ducks behind a wall, and we see a bullet impact just above her head out of shot. When Thin Man runs out of bullets, Alex peeks round the corner, and poking down from the top of the screen is what looks suspiciously like a wire from the explosive used to generate the bullet hit.

When Alex and Dylan are climbing the fence to get into the caged area with Creepy Thin Man and Natalie, you can see that Alex is wearing elbow pads. This is actually part of the design of her jacket.

In the scene where the girls are fighting the Creepy Thin Man, there is one shot where Dylan and Alex are about to kick him in the chest together. They start the kick both standing on their left legs and kicking with their rights, but when the kick connects to The Creepy Thin Man's chest, Alex is now standing on her right leg and kicking with her left.

Just at the start of the fight in the alley with the Creepy Thin Man and the Angels, he charges them and is booted into the air. As he comes back down, Dylan and Alex kick him, but watch above Creepy Thin Man when they do. It shows a mid-chest level view looking up at Thin Man of their kicks hitting his collarbone. You can see the entire exposed ceiling of the stage they're shooting the scene on. It's supposed to be an open night sky in the alley.

In the first fight between the girls and the Thin Man, he grabs some red hair - we see him with it at the race track. However, towards the end of the film he's creeping up behind Alex and we see him with black hair. Now, the point is that at no point has he fought with Alex and grabbed her hair - yes, he fights with her AFTERWARDS and grabs some of her hair, but when we see him holding the black hair in the bell tower, he has it before he's had a chance to get any.

In the first fight scene with Creepy Thin Man, there's a slow motion shot in where Natalie is jumping to kick him. If you look closely at the face of the Creepy Thin Man you can see that he actually is the stuntman.

When the Angels rescue Knox, why is the light swinging above his head? He's tied to a chair, the Creepy Thin Man's obviously not been through, because there's no exit aside from the bolted way in, so what's moved it? I wouldn't be too sure that The Thin Man wasn't or isn't there. The door is bolted from the inside, after all.

At the race track, when Dylan jumps into the chauffeur's car, she says, "It's hot out there". A couple of scenes later, we see Creepy Thin Man rubbing a piece of Dylan's hair on his face, and breathing heavily. Look closely, and you can see fog coming out of his mouth. As we all know, that only happens when it's cold.

In the Indycar scene, both Natalie and The Thin Man couldn't jump in their cars and drive off without help from the pit crews because CART cars don't have starters installed. The cars must be started manually from the back by one of the crew. Also, Indycars must be kept at a very high RPM or else they will stall out, so the quiet scene on the bridge wouldn't happen because both cars would have died. And without a crew member present, they couldn't get the cars restarted for the game of chicken.

In the racing car sequence Natalie chases Creepy Thin Man. As they approach the bridge the sky's completely overcast, but when they're facing each other on it, it's suddenly clear blue sky. Then in different shots the sky changes.

After the two cars hit each other, and The Thin Man's car is catapulted over the bridge, as his car falls, take a close look - there's no damage at all. Even though he skipped over Natalie's car rather than ploughed right into it, you'd expect there to be some indication.

The California Speedway, which Charlie refers to by name, is inland in Los Angeles, and no closer than 30 miles from any ports (the bridge scene), and even further from the bridge in San Pedro that the crash scene is at.

When Alex is fighting the Thin Man in the tower, the bell falls. Soon afterwards he heads towards her, sword swinging, and we can see the bell again on the right.

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The medical name for hair fetish is trichophilia.

During the scene where the Angels first get a look at The Thin Man, they're enhancing video footage to get the image. The image that prints out is the same as the image that Natalie shows the other girls, but not the same as the one seen in her hand in the same scene, and neither of the images are from the video footage. The footage was black and white and the perpetrator was seen only in a reflection on a car window. Both of the pictures seen in Natalie's hand in this scene are in color and are clearly posed shots.

During the Chinatown fight scene from the first Charlie's Angels film, the Angels chase The Thin Man down an alley and over a locked gate, into an enclosed area, where the battle takes place. At the end of the fight, they chase him into a tunnel. The same tunnel that they all passed on their way down the alley - on the opposite side of the gate.

Also during the fight scene in Chinatown, when the Angels chase The Thin Man down the alley, cornering him in front of the gate, he turns and starts shooting at them, appearing to have pulled the gun from his shoe. If you look closely, you can see that he already has the gun in his hand, before he even turns to face them.

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